What Is The Health-illness Continuum

A state of optimal health or optimal functioning. Now that you’ve learned more about it, where you think you are on the continuum?

Nature of Anxiety Anxiety on the Continuum Axis I

A state in which the person fills unhealthy may or maynot related to disease.

What is the health-illness continuum. It describes how wellbeing is more than simply an absence of illness , but also incorporates the individuals mental and emotional health. Rather than looking at wellness as the absence of disease, travis' wellness inventory asserts that there are many degrees of wellness. Final thoughts on the health illness continuum.

Health illness continuum and its significance in patient care. The goal of a health continuum is to offer a more comprehensive patient care. Absence of symptoms of illness and ability to carryout activities.

Where they meet in the middle is considered the neutral point. It’s safe to say, the health illness continuum is a vital part of helping patients understand their level of health. This applies to everyone because it shows the changes that an individual goes through while adapting to various life changes and challenges to maintain good health still.

We assume that the absence of illness indicates wellness. Travis believed that the standard approach to medicines , which assumes a person. Wellness is a process, never a static state.

According to the continuum, wellness is not static but rather dynamic (gazaway et al., 2019). Reflect on your overall state of health. As health and illness are relative qualities existing in varying degrees, it is more accurate to consider health and illness in terms of a scale or continuum, rather than a absolute state.

There are actually many degrees of wellness, just as there are many degrees of illness. Wellness is a process, never a static state. The health continuum refers to an integrated system of health care that follows a patient through time or through a range of services.

This model views wellness as a spectrum, on which everyone can aspire to achieve increasing levels of wellness. It’s nice to know there are tools in place to ensure optimum health and wellness for patients. The health illness continuum is a graphic illustration of a well being ,concept first proposed by john.w.travis in 1972.

Containing levels of wellness on the right side of the continuum, the left side, has degrees of illness. Health is a dynamic state that fluctuates as a person adapts to changes in the internal and external environments to maintain a state of wellbeing. Reflect on your overall state of health.

Most of us think of wellness in terms of illness;

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