Transitions Mental Health Growing Grounds

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The program offers job coaching, assessment, vocational support and work experience. Located in san luis obispo, midway between los angeles and san francisco, ricceri says, “i felt like we’ve been isolated, like under a rock, but incubating and doing great work.”

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Working in a garden, or natural setting of some sort, has been proven to provide therapy for individuals while contributing to their recovery.

Transitions mental health growing grounds. Established over 35 years ago, growing grounds is a nonprofit wholesale nursery that provides therapeutic horticulture, socialization opportunities, paid employment, and soft job skills training for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Growing grounds farm and nursery is one of three social enterprises operated by tmha. Growing grounds nursery san luis obispo.

Growing grounds farm growing grounds enterprises (formerly growing grounds vocational advancement program) represents a significant first step in the county for mentally disabled adults to return to work. • covers two counties, three locations, serves over 320 clients annually, and represents nearly $400,000 in annual produce, flower and nursery sales. Provides vocational training, employment opportunities, socialization opportunities, and horticultural therapy for adults living with severe mental illness.

Through our growing grounds businesses, we are able to provide job support services, helping people with mental illness find and maintain employment. Held in conjunction with mental illness awareness week, the festival will focus on celebrating the new season and good mental health. They offer a wide range of services for people with mental illness including horticultural therapy, socialization and job training skills.

They operate a social enterprise that includes a wholesale nursery, a farm, and a retail store; Through our growing grounds businesses, we are able to provide job support services, helping people with mental illness find and maintain employment. The growing grounds enterprises (gge) program:

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