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If you have CCJ’s or defaults it is likely that you will be rejected by some high street lenders, but there are many more lenders who don’t advertise on TV and who don’t operate on the high street who specialise in bad credit mortgages. That is where we can help. Can I still get a low-interest rate with bad credit? Yes, you can. Getting A Mortgage With A CCJ. Like many people in the UK, sometimes debt can build up and become unmanageable. At times if you have a missed payment, a parking ticket or any debt, the company that you owe money to can get a county court judgement (CCJ) to make you repay the debt.

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All bad credit marks are removed eventually, but it might still be possible to get a mortgage before the CCJ expires. With expert advice and assistance, we could find the right lender who will be able to offer a mortgage to suit your situation sooner than you expect, especially if you have other more favourable circumstances to be considered.

Mortgage with bad credit ccj. Bad credit mortgages are much like a standard mortgage. The only real difference is that they are designed for anybody with a previous poor credit history, or those who have found it difficult to get approved for a mortgage in the past. One of the best things about bad credit mortgages are the variety in which they come. Number of CCJs – A specialist bad credit mortgage lender will typically limit the number of CCJs registered in the last two years to 2, with minimal restrictions for those registered longer than 24 months ago. The larger the deposit you have, the more CCJs your lender is likely to accept, as long as they were issued over 12 months ago. Mortgage after a CCJ. Finding a mortgage with a CCJ can be difficult, but here at Clever Mortgages we specialise in helping people in difficult situations, working with specialist lenders that could accept your application, even with bad credit and a CCJ. Speak to us today about your situation and we can advise on the right path for you.

If you have a CCJ against your name, all is not lost. Not only can we canvass the market to help you find a great deal on a bad credit mortgage with a CCJ, but there are also a number of steps you can take to improve your credit rating. Take a look at our tips to improve your damaged credit rating and access the very best mortgage rates. A bad credit score, a default or a CCJ doesn’t have to end your dream of buying a home. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get the best deal, whatever your background or situation, please call us today on 0800 488 0004 , or send us a message and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. Bad credit mortgages: how many deals are available? Last month, Which? analysed the mortgage market and found that a third of deals are available to people with a less-than-perfect credit history. And although the vast majority of these products were limited to those who’ve had CCJs, there were some offers out there for people with historic IVAs and bankruptcies, too.

Bad or Adverse Credit Mortgages A Mortgage created for those with Defaults, CCJs, Bankruptcies or Repossessions in their past Due to our experience and understanding of mortgages, we’re delighted to be able to announce this incredible package that helps meet the needs of so many enquiries that come in to our offices. CCJ's, arrears, IVA's & self-employed no problem Mortgage, secured loan and rent arrears Lending throughout the UK including N. Ireland County Court Judgements (CCJs) Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) Discharged bankrupt Repossession . we can help with all forms of bad credit . Our experts are just that – experts in bad credit mortgage. Bad credit mortgages – also known as sub-prime mortgages or adverse credit mortgages – are specifically for people who have a bad credit rating. Trying to find a mortgage suitable for you when you have bad credit might not be easy. You might have a few missed payments, had a CCJ (County Court Judgment) or may have even been made bankrupt.

Q: Can I obtain a mortgage to purchase my Right-to-Buy if I have had bad credit? A: Yes, the minimum loan is £50,000, minimum property value £100,000, minimum income is £30,000 and the rates start from 8%. Question 5: Q: I want a bad credit mortgage to assist with a purchase under the Government Help To Buy Scheme. A: This is not possible. Bad credit doesn’t mean you have to delay your plans of buying a home, so whether you’re suffering from a CCJ, default or a series of missed payments, we can ensure your journey to finding the right mortgage is smooth and stress-free. Speak to an expert. Since lenders who offer mortgages to customers with CCJs can vary dramatically in terms of what they will and won’t accept, your best bet is to speak with an expert bad credit mortgage broker who has access to the entire market before you apply.. Call 0808 189 2301 or make an enquiry and we’ll match you with a broker who knows exactly which lenders to approach for CCJ.

Finding a mortgage lender that will consider you for a mortgage with bad credit and CCJ can be difficult, particularly if you’re searching the high street for lenders. However, with the right expert help, it doesn’t have to be an arduous process. Simply Adverse are available 7 days a week to help you find a CCJ mortgage lender in the UK. A settled CCJ disappears from your credit file after six years, and there are plenty of lenders willing to take you on if this is the case. This guide explains how a CCJ affects your mortgage chances and how to get on the property ladder if you have this kind of bad credit. Can I still get a mortgage if I have a CCJ? Many types of bad credit mortgage deals are available, for example, fixed, variable, and discounted rates, but that doesn't mean they will have better rates than a standard mortgage.

Buy to Let Mortgage Bad Credit. If you require a buy to let mortgage without a credit check or credit scoring then our bad credit mortgage brokers can help. They can assist you finance a buy to let with adverse credit, CCJ’s or credit issues. Low income and self employed bad credit applicants also accepted who can not show proof of income or. Will bad credit affect a joint mortgage application? Yes. It can make things less straightforward as some lenders will decline your application or offer unfavourable rates, but keep in mind that it’s still possible to find a good deal on a joint mortgage when one of the applicants has bad credit.. With the right advice and the help and knowledge of the bad credit mortgage brokers that work. Speaking generally, the more credit issues you’ve had, the trickier it’ll be to get a bad credit mortgage. It certainly doesn’t mean that you won’t get one though. With multiple credit issues you might also need to pay a slightly higher deposit and interest rates than someone with one or zero credit issues.

Mortgage With CCJs and Bad Credit. Finding the right mortgage can be a worry at the best of times, but if you’re in need of a mortgage with CCJ and bad credit, it can feel near impossible. The good news is that getting a mortgage with a CCJ is possible, you just need to know where to look. Getting a Mortgage with a CCJ. Due to bad credit, many of you will have been out-right refused a mortgage, in the past. Today, mortgage brokers use new criteria to assess each individual and their current circumstances. This means that, despite a previous bad credit score or CCJs attached to your name, you could still secure a mortgage deal. As specialists in bad credit mortgages, our advisers are often asked if they have a CCJ mortgage calculator available that will produce some quick and simple numbers of what could be possible. Mortgage calculators are commonly found on the Internet, but they only really work for people without adverse credit history, as it can be easier to.

A planned and structured approach is vital in getting a mortgage with bad credit. CCJ and other bad credit issues. In addition to a CCJ, further credit issues will make it increasingly difficult to get a mortgage. The extent of your other credit issues will play a part in how lenders assess you.

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