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Life Insurance Premium Finance Customized life insurance financing for high net worth families. Contact Us (833) 896-2850 [email protected] As an advisor, your estate planning work may include the need for life insurance for high net worth individuals. If you’re advising your client to finance their insurance premiums, Enterprise can help. Generally, life insurance premium finance lenders fall into two categories. The first is comprised of big commercial banks, which offer competitive interest rates (usually in the single digits.

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Premium financing is the lending of funds to a person or company to cover the cost of an insurance premium.Premium finance loans are often provided by a third party finance entity known as a premium financing company; however insurance companies and insurance brokerages occasionally provide premium financing services through premium finance platforms.

Life insurance premium financing banks. Premium financing is a strategy whereby a qualified borrower accesses third-party financing to pay for large life insurance premiums. The insurance companies have constructed specific products for these financed plans to minimize outside collateral and maximize returns. Most insurance companies require a review of any premium financing structure as part of an enhanced underwriting process before issuing the policy. Review funding options — A decision can be made if individual assets will be used to pay the premiums or if leveraging existing assets through life insurance-premium financing is a better. The life insurance premium financing programs offered by Aurora Capital Alliance introduces an alternative funding method for the purchase of large life insurance policies for high net worth individuals.

Insurance Premium Financing. Start Now or Login. For Agents. Provides affordable monthly terms to your client, allowing them to purchase the appropriate amount of insurance for their business needs; Simple application process can be completed in minutes and, in some cases, integrated with agency management software There are a few fundamentals with premium financing. One is that someone financing life insurance should actually have a need or desire for the life insurance in the first place. Premium financing, says Kennedy, is “a way for a life insurance agent or premium finance company to make huge fees and commissions, but it could leave the client who signed for the loan holding.

Wintrust Life is the largest traditional life insurance premium finance lender in North America. The division’s lending programs enable high net worth clients and corporations to obtain life insurance while retaining assets for other investment opportunities. Premium financing is a life insurance policy that can offer many benefits to insured's with various financial plans and goals that see the value in borrowing to make their premium payments. E PT's Premium Life Insurance websites are available to financial advisors and insurance agents with a current life insurance license. How Premium Financing Works. Those who are confident that premium financing is right for them typically set up an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT). This trust is designed to own the life insurance policy, which means the policy is owned outside of your taxable estate. The beneficiaries receive the death benefit free of estate and income.

Premium financing for life insurance sets up an irrevocable life insurance trust that removes the life insurance proceeds from the value of your estate. The trust takes out a loan through a 3rd party lender that works with the life insurance company to pay for those premiums. Premium Finance deals with top Insurance and Mortgage providers of New Zealand and this helps in achieving one of our objectives, which is to see our clientele happy and satisfied.We will do our best to help you save thousands of dollars by getting you the best mortgage rates, structuring your mortgage properly and by getting you the best value. Our belief is that premium financing gives people the ability to own the amount of life insurance they need, instead of the amount they are willing to pay for. This does not equate to free insurance.

What is premium financing for life insurance? It is borrowing money from a third party to pay the policy premiums. Once the policy generates enough surplus cash value in later years, the owner of. Life Insurance Premium Financing Solutions for High Net Worth Clients in over 200 countries. Serving Wealth Managers, Life Insurance Brokers, Trust Companies and Private Banks. The fundamentals of financing insurance premiums for a trust Obtaining insurance premium financing is a customized process designed to address needs that are unique to each individual. Here are the primary steps in the process: #1 – Assessing needs and options • Determine the insurance need – the process begins

Life insurance premium financing can help you maximize wealth to your heirs and keep your legacy intact. A way to plan for estate taxes. One way to protect future heirs is to insure your life so that, at your passing, estate taxes can be paid with the proceeds from a high-value life insurance policy. Wintrust Life Finance is the industry leader in providing customized financing solutions to qualified borrower’s seeking to finance their life insurance premiums. Premium finance offers cost efficiency and opens up many opportunities for the client; the most significant is leveraging a productive asset. Premium financing simply means borrowing money from a bank or other lender to pay life insurance premiums. Currently, favorable interest rates on these loans allow policyholders to fund premium.

Insurance companies and banks are both financial intermediaries. However, they don't always face the same risks and are regulated by different authorities. Life insurance premium financing involves taking out a third-party loan to pay for a policy’s premiums.As with other loans, the lender charges interest, and the borrower (the insured, in this. Often referred to as premium funding, the commercial insurance premium financing is often selected by those that seek commercial insurance or unconventional high-risk coverage. Now, when you are are paying the premium for your life or car insurance, you generally pay it monthly, less often quarterly.

Another way to do premium financing is using universal life insurance. The most common universal life for premium financing nowadays is an Indexed Universal Life (IUL). The reason clients and some banks like IUL’s is because it offers upside potential from the market, but it limits the downside risk to the minimum “floor”.

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