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Insurance Company Premium Tax and Automobile Levy Bulletin – Amendments to Premium Tax and Fire Tax Rate (Effective January 1, 2017) Premium Tax Insurers (except fraternals) are required to pay premium tax on premiums receivable for business transacted in the province. The premium tax rates are 3.75 per cent on life and accident and sickness premiums, and 4.00 per cent for provincial insurance premium tax (IPT) ranging from 2 percent to 5 percent is levied on their premiums. In addition, five provinces (including Ontario and Quebec) charge a retail sales tax on top of the premium taxes for certain types of insurance. In this Commentary

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Premium Tax is also payable by an Ontario individual who, through an Ontario insurance broker, enters into or pays premiums under an insurance contract with an unlicensed insurer. An unlicensed insurer is an insurance corporation that is not licensed under the Insurance Act to carry on an insurance business in Ontario.

Insurance premium tax by province. Quarterly Insurance Tax Payments. Under the Insurance Premiums Tax Act, every insurance company is required to pay quarterly insurance premium taxes. Tax rate is 3% on gross life, accident and sickness premiums, and 4% on gross premiums other than life, accident and sickness premiums. Payments are due within sixty days of the end of each quarter. Compliance with international insurance premium tax (IPT) laws and insurance and broker licensing laws can be confusing.. In Canada, rates vary by province, with provincial taxes on unlicensed. Your insurance covers property located in Québec. To report and pay the tax, you must complete the Return Respecting the Tax on Insurance Premiums (form FP-505.D.H-V). For a list of insurance products that are not subject to the tax, see Exemptions from the Tax on Insurance Premiums.

Provincial Premium Tax Group Insurance Premium 3% 2% 2% 2% 5% 3% 3% 3% 2% 3.75% 3.48% 3% 2% ASO contracts, Cost Plus Arrangements, Health Spending Accounts 5% 2% (except taxable ASO disability income claims and fees) 3.48% Provincial Sales Tax / Retail Sales Tax Premium on Group Insurance 8% RST (Health & The province of Saskatchewan announced that provincial sales tax (PST) no longer applies to insurance premiums. The change is effective February 26, 2018, but also extends retroactively to August 1, 2017, the date the change previously came into effect. Enter the total cash value of dividends paid or credited in the tax year by the insurer to policy holders for an insurance contract (other than already deducted in 143 and 147 above) in respect of persons resident or property situated in B.C. Summary. This section summarizes the insurance premium tax payable.

Trip cancellation insurance for travel originating outside the province. Trip interruption insurance for travel outside the province. The premium has to be broken down between the exempt, taxable and non-taxable components and the tax rate applied to the taxable premium. If the different components are bundled and not broken down, the whole. Tax obligations related to the tax on insurance premiums. Learn about income tax returns, consumption taxes, and the programs and credits for individuals, self-employed persons and members of a partnership. National Tax Financial Services Leader, PwC Canada Tel: +1 416 815 5212

Province Taxes on Set-up / Enrolment Fees / Annual Fees Taxes on Membership (excluding insurance premium portion) Taxes on Claims / Administration Fee Premium Tax on claims Taxes on Insurance Premium; BRITISH COLUMBIA: 5% GST: 5% GST: 5% GST on Admin. Fee: 0%: 0%: ALBERTA: 5% GST: 5% GST: 5% GST on Admin. Fee: 0%: 0%: SASKATCHEWAN: 5% GST: 5%. Premium tax is a tax on insurance premiums in respect of people living in Ontario and property situated in Ontario. The tax is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Who pays Ontario insurance premium tax? Along with insurance companies, premium tax is collected and paid to the province by: The Insurance Companies Tax applies to the premium revenue of insurance companies. Effective July 1, 2016, insurance companies are required to remit to the province a tax of 5% of premiums generated in Newfoundland and Labrador during a particular year. Prior to July 1, 2016, the rate for Insurance Companies Tax was 4%. Tax e-Filing

Insurance premium tax is charged on premiums based on the physical location of the property or the residency of the person being insured, not based on where the business of insurance is conducted. If an insurance contract covers risks located in more than one province, the portion of the premium covering risks located in B.C. is considered the. The Insurance Premiums Tax Act levies a tax of 3% on the gross premiums of life, accident, sickness and hail insurance. Individual life, accident and sickness insurance policies in force prior to April 1, 2000 are taxed at a rate of 2% until such time as the individual policy no longer exists. A rate of 4% of gross premiums is taxed on all. In addition to the above tax rates, an insurer must pay a tax equal to 1.25% of the net Manitoba premiums payable to the insurer in respect of certain contracts of property insurance. These amounts are to be deposited to the Fires Prevention Fund.

Note that Quebec imposes the heaviest tax burden on group insurance plans in Canada. In addition to the 0.48% compensation tax, the 3% insurance premium tax and the 9% non-refundable sales tax, Quebec is the only province where the employer’s contribution to group medical and dental insurance plans is a taxable benefit for employees. Premium Tax on ASO Benefits Plans Premium tax is determined for each employee based on that employee’s province of residence. Premium tax on insurance products (Life Insurance, AD&D, Dependant Life, Critical Illness, Long Term Disability, Stop Loss, Out of Country Emergency Medical) is built into the insurer’s retention. and 2004, insurance premium tax revenue grew by 43 percent. The marginal premium tax rate is in the 2.5 percent range, but because the tax is on gross premiums rather than profi ts, its effects may be quite substantial. For example, Neubig, Jaggi, and Messina (2002) estimate that the premium tax rate is almost double the tax rate that an.

Insurers are transforming their businesses in response to new regulation, new technology, customer and workforce expectations and mounting competition from InsurTech players.In the face of so many disruptive challenges, it’s important not to lose sight of the huge opportunities to diversify product offerings, reduce costs, invest in high performing talent, increase operational efficiencies. 11. When a certain class of insurance normally subject to the 10% insurance premium tax is not available in Canada, a person may apply for an exemption by filing form E638, Application for Exemption from Premium Taxes Imposed under the Excise Tax Act – Part I. Required information and documents. 12. Insurers must file an insurance premiums tax return and remit an amount related to all premiums written in the province during the year. As of April 1, 2016, insurance premiums tax rates are: 3% on premiums receivable on contracts of life, accident and sickness insurance; 4% on all other contracts of insurance

Quebec charges 9% Retail Sales Tax on group life and health benefits. 2 Retail Sales Tax is also charged on the Provincial Premium Tax if it forms part of the premium billed by an insurer. Provincial Income Tax. The employer portion of health and dental premiums is included in the tax base for Quebec.

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