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EDUCARE24 is a private health insurance of DR-WALTER GmbH and provides excellent insurance cover for language students, interns, doctoral students and students from the age of 30. Whenever you cannot take out public student health insurance during your stay in Germany, EDUCARE24 is the ideal insurance solution. MAWISTA specialises in travel insurance with a focus on foreign travel insurance policies. We have been a partner of Allianz Partners, a leading global travel insurance provider, since 2003. MAWISTA offers flexible and individual travel health insurance policies for students, expats, and travellers that are good value for money.

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The German health insurance system. Since 2007, everybody who is a resident in Germany is legally required to have health insurance. Under the law, you must have a policy with an insurance provider (called a Krankenkasse in German) that offers at least the minimum level of coverage allowed.. There are three options for health insurance while living in Germany: the government-regulated public.

Insurance in germany for students. Foreign students in Germany have three options to access the healthcare system: they can bring a pre-existing foreign policy with them, or they can take out statutory health insurance or private health insurance in Germany. All statutory and private insurance schemes offer special discounted rates for students. The second pillar of German health insurance is private health insurance, which currently covers around 10% of the population, particularly those on higher incomes and the self-employed.. Private health insurance system (private Krankenversicherung – PKV)Rather than opting for statutory health insurance, you are able to take out a private health insurance plan in certain circumstances. Germany has a mixed health insurance system of both statutory and private health insurance providers. It depends on your personal situation whether statutory or private insurance is right for you. For students under 30 years of age it is mandatory to apply for statutory health insurance.

But students in Germany are also assigned for another type of insurance, the long-term care insurance. As students with equal rights, the refugee students are obligated to pursue it as well. The application process is easier if the applicant has a well-defined civil status (for example a refugee in protection or an asylum seeker). All students under 30 in Germany can take advantage of a special student discounted rate for public healthcare insurance. This is charged at €80.41 per month and covers both public healthcare and nursing care insurance. International Students over 30 are eligible to choose between public and private healthcare. Different groups of persons in Germany are subject to compulsory health insurance. This includes all students enrolled in state-run or state-recognized institutions of higher education under the age of 30. At the beginning of their studies, students are allocated to a statutory health insurance company.

Health insurance provides the certainty that the costs of medical care and medications do not have to be paid privately in the event of an accident or illness. It is mandatory to have health insurance in Germany. International students must present proof that they have health insurance when they . EDUCARE24 – Your International Health Insurance for Educational Stays in Germany and Europe! Available from €33.00 per month! EDUCARE24 is the flexible insurance cover for foreign language students, students, guest scientists and PhDs, interns and accompanying family members. Germany travel insurance is a mandatory health insurance plan for travellers and visitors that covers your medical needs while in Germany. This insurance should have a minimum coverage of €30,000 and apart from Germany, it should also be valid in other Schengen countries.

Travel insurance and health insurance for foreign students and language students in Germany, from only 28 Euro per month. Apply now and you will get all your documents immediately by email. Health Insurance for Foreign Students Under 30 Years Old. Foreign students at universities, colleges and academies are subject to statutory health insurance. How Much Does TK Insurance Cost for Students in Germany? Students who are entitled to public health insurance, can get TK insurance and pay one of the most affordable prices. Students will be able to pay a discounted amount for healthcare with TK, at only €105.80 per month (€103.94 per month for students up to the age of 22) . The best public health insurance for students is TK, and Ottonova is the best private health insurance. TK They also offer medical coverage outside of Germany, and they have an application specifically for students online!

Students under the age of 30 are eligible for public health insurance in Germany. Once they choose a private insurance, they will not be eligible for public health insurance again during the course of study. Public health insurance is the most cost effective option as students pay just around €78 per month. By law, all students enrolled at German state universities, state colleges and universities of applied sciences as well as those who are completing practical training (as stipulated in the study regulations for a degree course) are subject to compulsory public health insurance. VELA offers effective and favorable insurance for your studies in Germany to make sure that you are insured in the best possible way. Apart from the very important health insurance, we can also provide you with a liability and accident insurance here with us.

International students in Germany have to get health insurance before they are allowed to enroll in their school and obtain a residence permit. Student health insurance in Germany is designed to be more affordable than it is for other categories of people. Usually, the health care system in Germany requires the majority of residents to Students are also principally covered by health insurance in Germany. The AOK helps you to enjoy your studies without a worry. To be precise: We take care of the health insurance. Because if you wish to matriculate to study in Germany, you must have the insurance certificate of a health insurance company. In general, the governmental health insurance contribution is based on the income of the policy holder. However, for (international) students, all statutory health insurance providers in Germany must offer an affordable tariff for students up to 30 years of age or until the end of their 14 th semester of studies.

Foreign students in Germany are required by law to have some form of healthcare cover. Whilst degree students are eligible to apply for discounted student public health insurance, those coming for preparatory courses, language courses, PhD students, students over 30, and also guest scientists may have to look for private health insurance. Health Insurance for Exchange Students in Germany. Getting health insurance as an exchange student in Germany is pretty simple. Exchange students are usually in Germany for a short period of time, typically one semester. It is possible for these students to rely on their European Health Insurance Card to cover healthcare services. If you arrive in Germany before the beginning of their subject-related studies, GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE will provide you with a free additional health insurance cover up to 31 days. Students from the age of 30 Students from the age of 30 cannot take out public student health insurance.

Health insurance for students without full matriculation. If you participate in a language course, a summer university or preparatory college, if you take other preparatory courses, complete an internship, or simply enter Germany prior to the study period, you are generally not fully matriculated.

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