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The virus passes from cat to cat in saliva, usually through biting in fights. Un-neutered male cats are considerably more at risk of getting FIV because a single bite may be enough to infect a cat. And a cat can be infected by biting an FIV-infected cat. No experience here with FIV but plenty in the insurance sector, not pets admittedly. You never win long term with insurance. Across all sectors of insurance, on average, insurance companies pay out 50% of the premiums they collect.

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LMAO! I was told pet insurance is beneficial/recommended – but now Im thinking that they could argue that any reason I have to take him to the vet is due to his FIV Now Im thinking maybe I shouldnt get insurance – if its not going to cover the very basic essentials, it kinda makes monthly payments futile. I'll keep looking to see if there is anything better out there, but Im wondering if.

Insurance for cat with fiv. Pet insurance companies should be informed if your cat is infected with FIV – just as with any other pre-existing conditions. Each insurer offers different terms and conditions but many do not provide payouts for pre-existing conditions or illnesses. Hi! Also considering adopting an FIV-positive cat, so thanks for your post! Seems like setting aside some savings could be the way to go. If it helps anyone, I think I found a policy that will cover pre-existing conditions (seemingly including anything FIV-related), provided that the condition has been treated or advised on in the past 24 months, though NOT within the past 3 months. The best cat health insurance helps protect you from that financial burden and makes sure you can focus on getting the best care possible. Whether your cat encounters a minor incident, like a snagged claw or stumble down the cat tree, or develops a serious medical condition like kidney disease or cancer, Trupanion is there to cover 90% of all.

Both viruses are contagious to other cats, so any cat with FeLV or FIV must live indoors. Many veterinarians recommend vaccinating kittens for FeLV, since kittens are most susceptible to the disease. If Kitty spends time outdoors, her vaccinations should be boosted annually. On the other hand, a vaccine for FIV is not available in the US. So I have a question for all of the cat parents out there with FIV positive cats. Do you have pet insurance for your cat? If you do, what companies accept them, and is the coverage worth the money? I filled out an application with Nationwide Pet Insurance and the application was immediately denied due to Pixie's FIV status. Insure your cat or kitten with pet insurance specifically designed for one of the most popular pets – our beloved cats! All cat lovers know that cats are one of the most loving and independent pets you can have – but this can mean your cat coming home with unexpected injuries that may need to be treated by a vet.

it is a GREAT idea to adopt an FiV cat – they can live long and happy lives, in some cases people don;t even know their cat has FiV and they can get to a ripe old age and die of another condition. the Cat Chat forums is a GREAT place to seek advice and ask questions – alot of people who post there work at or run rescue centres. From there, the health of a cat with FIV may be affected intermittently or may deteriorate progressively. Poor fur coat, gingivitis, persistent fever, recurrent skin, urinary tract and upper respiratory infections, and slow but progressive weight loss can all be blamed on FIV. A quick overview. FIV is a slow-acting disease that affects white blood cells, which are the cells defending our bodies against infection. This means that cats with FIV are more likely to catch other diseases, which can complicate things. But if their human takes good care of them, they can have a life that’s just as good as any other cat.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is a virus that weakens a cat’s immune system. Similar in structure to HIV, this disease is similar to AIDS in humans. However, FIV is not zoonotic. Learn about FIV's cause, symptoms, and treatment to assure a happy and healthy life for your cat companion. Pet Education. Browse our veterinary-reviewed Dog and Cat Illness Guide to learn more about pet health. Always talk to your veterinarian if you have a concern about your pet's symptoms or health. Pet Assure allows pet owners to save on their pet's veterinary care, even pre-existing conditions. The feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), commonly referred to as “feline AIDS” is a virus that weakens a cat’s immune system and makes it difficult for them to fight off illnesses. This virus has serious side effects and a scary name, but many cats with FIV still live long lives, especially if they receive proper care. … Continue reading "Everything You Need to Know About Feline AIDS.

FIV is generally transmitted to a cat through direct contact with saliva from an infected cat. Most cats are exposed through bite wounds sustained during fights with FIV-infected cats. It is a disease of unfriendly cats so avoiding fighting and biting is the best way to prevent transmission. Most pet insurance companies should agree to insure an FIV positive cat, however they may add extra 'exclusions' in the policy for anything they might consider to be FIV related. Ask around different insurance companies, to compare what they will cover. Even with exclusions, we still recommend taking out insurance for your FIV cat. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is spread through direct contact with other cats. Cats who get into fights with strays or have contact with other cats around the neighbourhood are far more likely to become infected with the virus. The best way for your cat to avoid FIV is to keep them indoors and away from other cats.

Your cat may have shown signs of gingivitis during the dental procedure, which may have been why your vet tested her for common viruses. Many cats live with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) for years, with studies suggesting that most survive for at least seven years after infection. If you have cat insurance, you will need to notify the insurer. Most insurers do cover FIV as a new condition. If you are yourself immune-suppressed, or if you cannot provide the conditions described below for your cat, then please contact a cat-rehoming organisation stating that your cat is FIV and that you cannot care for it. What You Should Know About FIV, the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), also known as feline acquired immunodeficiency virus (Feline AIDs), is a virus spread between cats. FIV is transmitted by saliva (spit) or blood from an infected cat to a healthy cat. This almost always happens through bite wounds and fighting.

Cats who are infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred. Although the virus is slow-acting, a cat’s immune system is severely weakened once the disease takes hold. This makes the cat susceptible to various secondary infections. I applaud you for adopting a cat with a medical condition and hope you and Butch enjoy many wonderful years together. Editor’s Note: After taking in a stray kitten, Dr. Lee advises new cat parents to have the kitten tested for feline leukemia and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Insuring your rescue cat. On arrival at the animal shelter, your cat will have been given a thorough medical and an estimated date of birth, which will all be passed on to you, to notify your provider.. You’ll need to tell your insurance provider about any medical conditions your cat has. If you don’t and they come to light later on, you could find your policy invalidated or face a claim.

Cat Health Insurance – TrustedPals offer the best cat insurance plans for your cats and kittens. Get a quote that fits your budget and protect your cat from unexpected slips, accidents and surprises. Choose the best cat Insurance plan to keep your pet healthy.

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