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Approved locks The locks Velosure currently approve are: Selected keyed armour padded cable lock less than 2 years old at policy inception* Selected keyed D-lock less than 2 years old at policy inception* *If you are unsure if your lock is approved, please send us an email with the locks brand, model and value (if […] APPROVED LOCKS Selected keyed armour padded cable lock less than 2 years old at policy inception* Selected keyed D-lock less than 2 years old at policy inception* D-LOCK PART # SUGGESTED RRP ABUS LOCK U-BOLT GRANIT-X-PLUS 540-230 EAZY KF 11183-9 $ 269.99 ABUS LOCK U-BOLT GRANIT PLUS 640 RED/BLK 150 X 83MM 39704-2 $ 209.99

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AXA Bike Security is inextricably linked to cycling culture. For more than 115 years, the company has made every effort to protect cyclists and their bikes. As a genuine bike fan, AXA Bike Security knows exactly what cyclists need to safely and confidently take to the road. Take a look at our website with the extensive range.

Insurance approved bike lock. When valuing a bike for cycle insurance, be sure to give the model’s full recommended replacement value, including the value of your Sold Secure-approved bike lock, as well as any relevant fixed accessories. This is equipment added and fixed to the bicycle in addition to the manufacturer’s original specifications, including trailers and. Motorcycle theft is on the increase! When choosing any security product ie, a Disc Lock or Security Chain always buy the best product that best suits what you are protecting, to secure your Harley Davidson with a Squire Ex-Caliber 16mm Chain would be very appropriate.. Also consider the thought of securing your Motorcycle when out and about, always try to use a Security Chain as well as any. for cycles up to £250 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a bronze standard by Sold Secure. for cycles greater than £250 but less than £1,500 in replacement value, an approved lock is one which is tested to a silver standard by Sold Secure.

A bike lock might not be the most exciting item to splash out on, but sadly theft is not uncommon and a good quality lock is an effective deterrent. Trying to save on a bike lock is a very real. Cons: Bike can still be lifted into a van. Best: Use a quality chain and lock. You can find the best motorcycle lock for you here. Pros: You can lock your bike to something, making it harder and more noisy to remove. Cons: The lighter weight chains are quicker to cut through, but heavier chains are harder to carry. Oxford's Monster disc lock is constructed from 11mm hardened Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel and is Thatcham and Sold Secure gold approved. It features a double locking mechanism with two hardened steel bolts.

A Thatcham-approved disc lock can also reduce your insurance premium. Need help deciding what lock to pick? (no pun intended!). We’ve picked six of the best motorcycle disc locks on the market to keep the thieves at bay! Locks. While you should always use your steering lock, it doesn’t offer much protection by itself. Your bike will be safe and sound in the highest-risk urbanised areas, Kryptonite even offers a scheme where it will pay up to £2,500 toward a replacement bike if a thief defeats the lock. Litelok Silver Flexi U is the world’s first insurance rated, flexible U lock. Gold > Bicycles & eBikes. Original Starting at 1.1 kg (2.4 lb), this is the lightest, flexible, Sold Secure Gold rated bike lock in the world. Wearable Litelok Gold Wearable is our range of longer locks that can be safely worn around your hips when cycling.

But this bike lock is significantly more secure, with a Gold rating from Sold Secure and 2/5 stars from ART. It’s 33.5" (85 cm) long, which should give you loads of places to lock your bike. And at 3.48 lb (1.58 kg), it’s heavy, but not too heavy for daily use. Sure, it’s heavier and less secure than the Abus Granit X Plus 540 230! Your browser is not supported. For the best experience on the Velosure website, the following browsers are supported: Your version of iOS is not supported. For the. Ground anchors, bike garages and mechanical security. Locking your bike to something solid and immovable with a Thatcham-approved chain or lock is a great deterrent. Just make sure you’ve chained your bike up in a way that’s difficult to remove, for example, through the gap in the swing-arm at the rear.

Bike locks are a huge part of our cycle insurance packages and it’s vital that you have the correct lock and all the best practices in mind when preparing to secure your bike. Sometimes, there really is nothing you can do to protect against particularly aggressive thieves hell-bent on taking your bike – that’s where we come in. This, along with the chain’s strength, make the model a formidable opponent to thieves. The lock may have a premium price tag, but it has the credentials to match. BikeTrac grab bag and chain; Sleek and simple, BikeTrac’s 10mm reinforced chain is the first of its spec to be Thatcham Category 3 approved. Insurance approved locks Bicycle locks and shed padlocks Wiggle Cycle Insurance is provided on the basis that you use a Sold Secure rated lock to secure your bicycle. Below are our lock requirements based on the value of your bicycle. Bronze – Bicycles with an insured value of less than £250 Sold Secure approved locks … Continue reading "Insurance approved locks"

If your bike is valued at less than £1500, a Sold Secure Silver Bicycle Lock is sufficient for us; a Sold Secure Gold Bicycle Lock is needed for bicycles which are worth £1500 or more. If you are not sure whether your current bicycle lock is rated Sold Secure, search the product description online or you can check here. The best chain and lock, the best disc lock, or the best ground anchor and other security devices will depend on your circumstances such as your bike, where you live, where on your property your bike is kept and what you can carry when you’re out and about. The value of your bike; Your budget; Insurance requirements; If you’re frequently securing your bike in a public space, it’s essential to purchase the most secure lock you possibly can with your available budget. Saving a few pounds on a lock may have some nasty repercussions later on, should the worst happen.

Insurance Approved Locks Cycleplan policies are provided on the basis that bicycles left unattended are secured to an immovable object using either a Sold Secure rated lock, or Thatcham approved lock. Bike Locks Choose the right bike lock. Look out for: Sold Secure Sold secure are an independent, third party testing facility that test all locks against strict criteria, awarding either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate to the strongest locks. Created by Kryptonite in 1978, the Anti-Theft Protection Offer is a program that reimburses registered customers for a specific monetary amount in the event their bicycle/motorcycle is stolen due to the opening or breaking of the lock by force. ATPO coverage is not bicycle insurance and there is no affiliation with an insurance company.

2. The Cheap Option: Bike Lock Anti-theft Protection. Certain bike lock manufacturers, (specifically Kryptonite and OnGuard) offer anti-theft protection as a sort of guarantee of the security of their lock. This comes at an extra cost of around $1 to $30 for 3 years cover.

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