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At Hastings Direct we offer a range of young driver car insurance policies that can help 17-25 year olds save on insurance premiums. Get a quote today.. If you've already started to get quotes for 17 to 25 car insurance, you might be a little shocked by the results.. drivers aged 17-19 make up just 1.5% of UK licence holders, but they're. How much is car insurance for 17-year-olds? The average car insurance policy for 17 to 24s is £1,912, according to the Consumer Intelligence car insurance price index. The sum is so high to reflect the fact that younger drivers are more likely to make claims, and expensive claims at that.

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Classic car insurance for 17, 18, 19, 20 & 25 year olds. Encouraging younger drivers into the world of classic car ownership is critical for the success of our hobby.

How much is car insurance for 17 year olds uk. Compare car insurance quotes for 17-21 year olds in the UK with Quotezone today. Cheap car insurance quotes for 17-21 year olds provided by Quotezone's panel of UK insurers. Statistically speaking, 17-year-olds are more likely to engage in dangerous driving practices, leading insurance companies to see insuring a 17-year-old driver as a risky investment. Car insurance companies protect their interests from this risk through higher premiums, resulting in higher costs for the consumer. Car insurance for 17 year olds – UK? Im about to turn 17 and wanted to start driving, how much would car insurance be for a Ford Ka? Are there any cheaper companies to go to and any ways of bringing down the price like installing trackers etc. Would it be much cheaper to be put onto parents insurance, even if they are really bad drivers!?

Passing your driving test and getting on the road is high on the list of most 18 year olds agenda in the UK. Unfortunately, getting on the road at 18 is expensive with driving lessons, theory tests and practical tests racking up the costs even before insurance has been factored in.. And in terms of car insurance, premiums don’t get much more expensive than they do for 17 and 18-year-olds. The average car insurance premium in the UK for comprehensive cover costs £471 a year, according to Association of British Insurers (ABI) data for the third quarter of 2018.That is the equivalent of £39.25 a month. Car insurance for a 17-year-old driver is nearly $5,925, on average, for a year of full coverage on their own policy. That’s more than $4,000 over the national average ($1,758) for drivers age 30. Newly licensed drivers are expensive to insure.

Compare car insurance policies for 17-year olds and see how much you could save 4.6 / 5 based on 10,816 reviews * 51% of consumers could save £271.88 on their car insurance. Average cost of car insurance by age. According to, the average cost of car insurance for those in their 20’s was the highest out of the age ranges with an average of £1,035. The lowest average age group for car insurance in the UK was for those in their fifties with the average cost of £600. How much does car insurance cost for 17-year-olds? Mainstream insurers usually offer car insurance for 17-year-olds at sky-high premiums, if at all. In fact if you’re aged 17 to 19, a fully comprehensive policy would cost you on average £917 – but this goes down the older you get: £974 at 20 to 24; £744 at 25 to 29; £574 at 30 to 39*

Tip cheap car insurance for 17 year olds uk Tip cheap car insurance for 17 year olds uk Related. I recently started a test is easier for I'm turning 16 soon to buy a car the only one in old man. Why is car insurance more expensive for 17-year-olds? Insurance is based on risk levels, and statistically 17 and 18-year-old drivers are at a much higher risk of crashing than older age groups. Drivers aged between 17 and 19 were involved in 9% of fatal and serious crashes, even though they only accounted for 1.5% of UK licence holders.And drivers under the age of 19 are a third more likely. Whilst the average insurance cost is £1,342, this can go down to £711 for 17 year olds. 7. Volkswagen Polo. Average insurance cost for 17 to 24 year old: £1,347. Lowest premium for a 17 year.

Read more: The Types of Car Insurance in the UK. How much is car insurance for a 17 year old? According to MoneySupermarket, if you’re aged between 17 to 19, a fully comprehensive policy costs an average of £917 per year. Our latest car insurance price index shows that 17-year-olds are still paying some of the highest prices in their age group.. The report looked at comprehensive insurance prices and found that between April and June 2020, 17-year-olds paid an average of £2,051. The cost of car insurance for 17-year-olds can be expensive, which is why it's more important than ever to shop around to find a good. The average cost for a 17-year-old driver to get their own auto insurance policy is $10,922 per year. However, it's half that price to add that same 17-year-old driver to their parents' car insurance. Read on for more information about car insurance for 17-year-olds, including how you can reduce your rates.

The 10 cheapest cars for 17 year olds to insure Thanks to data supplied by Admiral, we list the cheapest cars for 17 year olds to insure, including the Volkswagen Fox and Nissan Micra Gavin. RE :Cheapest car insurance for 17 year olds in the Uk? Hi, 17 in a week and was wondering what the cheapest insurers would be for 17 year olds, I know there won't be no cheap cheap ones because, well I'm 17 lol but anyone have any ideas? is it worth looking on go compare etc? 2 following 5 answers. 0 0. The Peugeot 108 Access is a car that comes equipped with a better and sleeker finish. It has some convenience features that have been added as well – in comparison to earlier models. The Benefits Hiding a Toyota-sourced 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine under the hood, this vibrant yet tiny car is ideal for in-city rides and going to and from work.

A young driver with a fully comprehensive telematics insurance policy on a three-year-old, 1-litre car of low value can expect to pay around £1,500 in the first year. A brand new Audi A3 is likely to cost in the region of £7,000-£8,000 to insure. The average cost of car insurance for 17-year-olds. Cameron Easey – Updated February 21, 2017. Automobile insurance is a requirement when driving a vehicle in any state. As a result, a policy may need to be purchased for a young driver such as a 17-year-old. These individuals in many states have either just received their license or been. We ran quotes using a specific profile to insure a Range Rover Evoque, one of the more popular models in the UK, and our average cost was £1,730 a year or £155 a month. This is for fully comprehensive cover and no optional extras.

The lower the group rating, the cheaper the insurance will be. For even cheaper car insurance for 17 year olds, it’s worth thinking about black box insurance too. With black box insurance, you’re rewarded for how well you drive and if you are a safe driver you could even be rewarded with lower premiums. When buying a first car as a 17 year.

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